Inkwazi Boardwalk

Inkwazi Boardwalk
Richards Bay
Lettable Area
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Sold to Pangbourn Properties


Whether your desire is to indulge in the culinary convenience of restaurants, to drape your imagination in the luxurious colours of beautiful fashions or to captivate your loved ones with an applauding excursion with an all age appeal, the Boardwalk Inkwazi has truly mastered ingrained quality culture of over 150 convenient stores, remaining not only a welcome shopping destination but a comprehensive haven of retail mastery.

Launched in August 2009, the Boardwalk Inkwazi Information and Tourism Hub is a visual theme tying the great outdoors of proud Zululand together with the balance and harmony of clockwise precision. It offers life unplugged as an urban oasis of information, quenching the panoramic thirsts of tourists and local travelers, gently stitching or streaming into place a practical guide to beautiful living – time off from work has now become time well spent! Situated on the upper level of the shopping centre, this hub of travel ideas will help you to pioneer the spectacular view of undisturbed wildlife as nature intended, enjoy unrestricted views from the hilltop cabins and feel the breeze ruffle your hair as you leave your city slicker habits behind; having cell phone reception for anything other than to phone your boss for more leave is all you need!

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